The Extrova region is the main region of this project. It consists of various towns and cities, a Pokémon League, and other landmarks.

The land of Equilibrium
A map of the Extrova region.
Vital statistics
Gym Type Various
Relative Location The Pokémon World
Map Description Humans and various Pokémon
Togepi sprite A Wild Stub Appeared!

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Extrova is a relatively large chunk of land completely unattached from all others. It prides itself in its rich history. It is most well-known for its many historic landmarks, such as Resolute Falls and the Temporal Forest.  The region's residents seem to place a heavy emphasis on order and chaos, which are embodied by the resident legenaries, Mongrowl and Uray (respectively).

Special FeaturesEdit

Extrova is known for its natural feel.  The towns and cities of the region are very attuned to the natural world.  Even the largest and most busy of cities include a great number of fountains, gardens, and other forms of nature.  It also hosts the legendary Pokémon Mongrowl and Uray, who represent chaos and order.  Its most extreme component is Victory Road, which is inside of a hollowed mountain.  At the summit of this mountain is the Pokémon League.

People and Pokémon of InterestEdit

Some notable people and Pokémon who live in the Extrova region are: