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No. 6
Species Rock Wyrm
Ability Blaze
Hidden Ability Magma Armor
Region Extrova
PokéDex Colour Red
Height 5'11"
Weight 619.04 lbs.
Type Fire/Rock
Evolves from Conflagon
Evolves into None
Previous Next
Conflagon Lochro
Gonpareil is a dual Fire-type and Rock-type Pokémon.

It evolves from Conflagon starting at level 36.  It is the final form of Pyrm .


Gonpareil is a dragon-like Pokémon with a mainly red coloration and some golden plating.  Its tail is made of volcanic rock, and the rock stretches all the way up its back and covers parts of its limbs and belly.  Its wings are large and now allow flight.  It has powerful fore and hind legs, although it is very heavy and cannot move very quickly.

Game DataEdit

PokéDex DataEdit

This Pokémon is unavailable outside of Extrova.
Entry One It is very heavy, but it can still fly with its powerful wings.  The rock on its body is unbreakable.
Entry Two They say the rock that makes up parts of its body cannot be broken.  Because of this, it takes many hits before defeat.

Game LocationsEdit

This Pokémon is unavailable outside of Extrova.
Game Locations Evolve Conflagon .

Base StatsEdit

HP 75
Attack 75
Defense 95
Sp.Atk 113
Sp.Def 95
Speed 75
Total 528

Type EffectivenessEdit

Weaknesses Water*, Fighting, Ground*, Rock
Average Damage Electric, Grass, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel
Resistances Normal, Fire*, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug, Fairy


By Level-UpEdit

Level Learned Move Name
Start Tackle
4 Growl
6 Ember
9 Smog
11 Headbutt
14 Dragon Rage
18 Defense Curl
22 Slam
24 Flame Burst
27 Flamethrower
29 Dragon Breath
32 Rock Shield
34 Gyro Ball
39 Kindle
41 Iron Defense
44 Noble Roar
47 Eruption