Light Pulse
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Vital statistics
Type Light
Effects 10% chance of Confusing opponent.
Category Special
TM Number 102
Power 70
PP 15
Accuracy 100%
Light Pulse is a damage-dealing Light-type move.


Light Pulse deals damage and has a 10% chance of confusing the foe.  It can also hit non-adjacent opponents in Triple Battles.  Light Pulse is powered up if the user has the ability Mega Launcher.


Description The user radiates a bright aura of hot light.  The foe may become confused.


By Level-UpEdit

Level Learned Pokémon
43 Clefairy
50 Vulpix
Start Ninetails
33 Jigglypuff
Start Wigglytuff
Start Dragonite
34 Chincou
40 Lanturn
39 Mareep
47 Flaaffy
51 Ampharos
31 Sunkern
31 Sunflora
Start Altaria
Start Togekiss
41 Sylveon
Start Xerneas