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Vital statistics
Item Type Key Item/Menu Item
Use Catalogs Pokémon encountered on your journey.
Location Given to you by Professor Sequoia at the start of your journey.
Cost to buy Cannot purchase
Cost to sell Cannot sell

The Pokédex is a digital tool used to catalogue every species of Pokémon.  It was created by Professor Oak in Kanto, and it is the largest and most extensive Pokémon database in the world.  Because of its power and rarity, they are reserved only for Trainers that show great potential .

Extrova's PokédexEdit

Unlike other Pokédexes, Extrova's Pokédex scans Pokémon as individuals rather than species, and on top of providing the information of the species, it also provides the Pokémon in question's list of moves and Ability.  The Trainer can even jot down notes for specific Pokémon to be brought back later.

Also different from other Pokédexes, the Extrova Pokédex is given to Trainers with all of the normally-encounterable Pokémon already catalogued.  However, Legendary Pokémon and other special Pokémon will not be found in the Pokédex until encountered.  This was implemented so Trainers new to the region could have a better understanding of the inhabiting Pokémon.