Resolute Falls
Resolute Falls eyecatch
Dungeon Type Forest
Relative Location Off Extrova's coast
Map Description A mysterious ring of waterfalls. It is said there is always a beautiful rainbow there.
Significant Inhabitants Keldeo

Resolute Falls is a large, ring-shaped waterfall located on an island off the coast of Extrova.  It appears in legends frequently.

After Keldeo is randomly encountered three times, it will flee to the Resolute Falls, where it can be caught.  Upon capture, bringing Keldeo to Resolute Falls and interacting with the large, cut rock will prompt it to learn Sacred Sword and transform it to its Resolute Forme.

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Resolute Falls is a very lush rainforest that is always full of mist and water from the surrounding ring of waterfalls.  It is said that there is always a large and vivid rainbow over it, which is likely, due to the ever-present falls.  It is located on a small island detached from the rest of the Extrova region and can only be visited by boat or flight.  The trees there are similar to the ones found in the Temporal Forest.

Deep in the forest a rock can be found.  Three cuts have been made in the rock, and it seems to imbue a strange power.  If it is interacted with while Keldeo is in the party, it will prompt Keldeo to learn Sacred Sword.


Pokémon found in the tall grass.
Pokémon Rate
Slobro 20%
Tropius 10%
Exeggutor 10%
Carnivine 10%
Weepinbell 40%
Shuckle 10%
Pokémon found in the rustling grass.
Pokémon Rate
Ludicolo 30%
Azumarill 30%
Vileplume 40%
Pokémon found in the puddles.
Pokémon Rate
Magikarp 60%
Tapleon 30%
Wooper 10%