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No. 3
Species Leaf Bat
Ability Overgrow
Hidden Ability Inflitrator
Region Extrova
PokéDex Colour Green
Height 5'04"
Weight 132.06 lbs
Type Grass/Flying
Evolves from Sapsting
Evolves into None
Previous Next
Sapsting Pyrm
Sapking is a dual Grass-type and Flying-type Pokémon.

It evolves from Sapsting starting at level 36.  It is the final form of Sapwing.


Sapking is a large, bat-like Pokémon with legs and feet that resemble roots.  Unlike its predecessor, Sapsting, this wooden texture extends all the way to its upper belly.  Its head is pale green, and its wings and ears resemble holly leaves.  Now the flower on its tail is fully bloomed, and seems to resemble a Gracidea Flower.

Game DataEdit

PokéDex DataEdit

This Pokémon is unavailable outside of Extrova.
Entry One Its skin is hard as wood.  It is a monster of the night sky, and has venom like sap.
Entry Two Ancient legends tell of a tree that longed to fly.  Apparently, the tree became a Sapking and flew away. 

Game LocationsEdit

This Pokémon is unavailable outside of Extrova.
Game Locations Evolve Sapsting .

Base StatsEdit

HP 75
Attack 95
Defense 95
Sp.Atk 75
Sp.Def 75
Speed 113
Total 528

Type EffectivenessEdit

Weaknesses Fire, Ice*, Poison, Flying, Rock
Average Damage Normal, Electric, Psychic, Bug, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel, Fairy
Resistances Water, Grass*, Fighting, Ground+, 
  • Items marked with an asterisk do double damage or are doubly resisted.
  • Items marked with a plus sign are immunities.


By Level-UpEdit

Level Learned Move Name
Start Tackle
Start Growl
Start Bite
4 Growl
7 Razor Leaf
10 Supersonic
13 Astonish
15 Leech Seed
16 Air Slash
20 Screech
22 Ingrain
26 Air Slash
28 Super Fang
32 Leaf Blade
40 Aerial Ace
42 Detect
46 Poison Fang
48 Leaf Storm