Shock Release
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Vital statistics
Type Electric
Effects Always paralyzes the user, cures a user with paralysis.
Category Special
TM Number
Power 110
PP 10
Accuracy 100%

Shock Release is a damage-dealing Electric-type move.


Shock Release does damage, has a 100% of paralyzing the user.  If the user is already paralyzed, the status is cured and the move has 40 extra BP.


Description The user releases tension from inside its body in the form of electicity. This move always paralyzes the user and does increased damage if the user is paralyzed.


By Level-UpEdit

Level Learned Pokémon
54 Pikachu
Start Raichu
55 Electabuzz
45 Jolteon
Egg Pichu
46 Mareep
56 Flaaffy
62 Ampharos
43 Elekid
85 Raikou
52 Elektrike
66 Manectric
55 Electivire
79 Eelektrik
Start Eelektross
Start Stunfisk
Egg Helioptile