Temporal Forest
Temporal forest eyecatch
Dungeon Type Forest
Relative Location Northern Extrova
Map Description A huge forest of stone trees. Time seems to pass slower here.
Significant Inhabitants Virizion

Temporal Forest is an immense petrified forest located in the northern Extrova region.  After finding Cobalion in the Guidance Chamber, Virizion can be found within the Rumination Field deep inside.

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Temporal Forest is a large, winding forest of old Sequoia trees that have been petrified over time.  Rocks can be found all about.  The Dowsing MCHN is useful here, and lots of rocks can be smashed to find various fossils.

Some of the petrified trees have walkways carved into them. The largest of these trees, called the Tree of Sequence, can be entered after the player enters the Hall of Fame.  Inside this tree Virizion can be found.


Pokémon that are found in the tall grass.
Pokémon Name Rate
Murkrow 20%
Noctowl 10%
Swilent 30%
Hoothoot 40%
Pokémon that are found in the rustling grass.
Pokémon Rate
Honchkrow 100%

Pokémon that fall out of the sky.
Pokémon Rate
Ariados 70%
Noivern 30%